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Welcome to a world of bedding

Hometrend invites you to travel a world of Egyptian cotton, smooth silk like bedding, till now provided exclusively to 5 star and boutique hotels, famous and rich customers or specialty retail stores. I travel long and far, following my passion for luxurious fabrics, I deal directly with manufacturers to use the finest ingredients, in order to achieve perfection. Our priority is to put the customer first while offering the best possible price at all times.

My commitment is to deliver exclusive and luxury wholesale bedding directly to the public in order to make my products affordable.

My name is Peter and I am the owner of Home Trend. For generations my family has been trading all over the world for the finest ingredients to continuously bring better and higher luxurious bedding to the market at direct to public prices. My family tradition is my continuing mission and commitment for quality that is not available at the local retail stores as it will be too expensive.

It is my utmost pleasure to get feedback from customers telling me how happy they are with their new luxury bedding, how well they sleep at night, the change it made in their life and that they will never go back to lower thread-count bedding that are sold at the retail shops. One email said that they purchased finest bedding for use at their boutique hotel in downtown Montreal and the guests are positively responding to the latest upgrade with top reviews.

But not only boutique and 5 star hotels can benefit from our luxury bedding, you can bring the pleasure of luxury bedding to your own bedroom, experience the comfort, and sense the difference.

As I was growing up, I joined my father as he was traveling the world looking for the finest ingredients, supervising the manufacturing process and carefully inspecting the work. I have learned everything I know today from him, it is an art that I am very passionate about.

For years I thought that the only way to deliver the ultimate joy of the finest comfort is through the large retailers, but I quickly learned that price is the only thing that drives them. From our Canadian warehouse and with the power of the Internet, I fulfilled my dream to deliver our wholesale duvet covers (Canada), at direct to customer prices without the “middleman”.

If you have any questions, please email or call me, I want to hear from you. I will also appreciate if you really enjoyed my products, if you could also let other people, friends and family know about my website.


  1. Anne McLaren

    Hello Peter;
    I appreciate your dedication to your craft. I’m interested in buying a bedding sets that fit a XL Split King bed in a flannel fabric for winter. I am book marking your site so I can easily return to it and follow your new products. My duvet is 100inchesx 110 inches so it’s a challenge to find duvet covers that fit, I’m purchasing one you have on sale as an extra cover. I hate spending time searching for products online as I believe in the process of buying online making life easier not time consuming. When you do a search on a site it never brings you to the product you want but to every word that was in your search, this cause frustration for me so now I know you carry this size I will come directly to your site with hopes of buying my product.

    Thanks very much

  2. Joan

    Do you wholesale?

    1. Hometrend Post author

      YES! please contact us for more info

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